Hard Ice Guide beginner course


This course introduces guiding on glaciers for new guides. The course is a full 4 days and takes place on one of the glaciers in the Vatnajökull National Park (Skaftafell). The main topics covered are route selection, rescue techniques, communication with guests, Ice-climbing and group management. Simple rescue trainings are also a part of this course. Instructions are done both during exercises and discussions.


A back ground in mountaineering and crevasse rescue techniques is required as this course is not at a beginner’s level.


An evaluation is done on all main fields during the course. The elevation focuses both on hard skills like rescue and rope work, but also on soft skills like the guides ability to entertain and educate IMG guests. Only the top candidates from each course will be offered further work with IMG.


The outcome of the course is used to determine the type of work the individual guide is given during a trail period of 30 days. The course is also a prerequisite for taking a Level I glacier guiding exam after 30 days of guiding.


The curse is done on glaciers and in the class room. A maximum of 10 students per guide where at least the lead guide is a IMG-Mountain Guide.

For further information on prices and availability please contact info@mountainguides.is