Level I Hard Ice Guide exam


The exam covers 3 ½ days and covers all areas of Hard Ice Guiding. The main topics are Ice-Climbing, route selection, client care, rescue scenarios and group management. The examination also takes in covers the guides knowledge of the area and ability to educate and entertain guests. The examination takes place on a glacier in the Vatnajökull National Park (Skaftafell).


Thirty days of work experience in glacier guiding is required. All students are also expected to have completed the Hard Ice Guide Beginner Course or have extensive experience from guiding and a strong background in mountaineering and rope work.


The exam result is communicated to each participant individually. The evaluation takes into account among other things; ability to motivate and instruct, knowledge of the area and ability to entertain and educate guests, route selection, personal and client safety and rescue skills.


A level I guide should be able to work on the easier glacier walks offered by IMG. Any work on more complicated trips should be done in accordance to the guide’s personal skill level and at first under direct supervision of a senior guide.

Instructions / examination:

The exam takes 3 ½ days and is done on a glacier near Skaftafell. Two instructors per 6 students where the lead guide is a IMG Mountain Guide and the assistant guide at least a Level II Hard Ice Guide.

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