Mountain Skills Course


This 8 day course is aimed at training climbers and mountaineers to use their skills in a professional context while guiding mountaineering and climbing trips.


Applicants for the Mountain Skills Course will need to demonstrate that they have done the following or comparable:

  • Be able to comfortably lead “trad” climbs at a minimum difficulty of 5.6 (Stardalur / Iceland).

  • Have climbed at least 10 ice routes (cascades) where at least 5 are multi pitch and at least three are WI 4 or harder.

  • Having done at least one “classical” Icelandic alpine route (min TD 300m).

  • Have good knowledge of rope work in crevasse rescues and have guiding experience from easier routes on mountains like Hvannadalhnúkur og Hrútfjallstindar.

  • The course Summit II is strongly recommended as a predecessor for this course.

Comparable climbs abroad will also be valid.


Students are given recommendations on if they should proceed to the IMG Mountain Guide exam. If not recommendations are made on what fields should be improved.


The Mountain Skills Course is not an exam and does there for not provide any direct qualification apart from being a prerequisite for the IMG Mountain Guide Exam. In general the guides that have completed the MSC are more eligible as assistant instructors on mountaineering and climbing courses.


The course is run in and around Skaftafell. Two IMG Mountain Guides instruct a maximum of 8 students. The course is planed every second year.

For further information on prices and availability please contact