Summit Guide Course


The Summit Guide Course is designed for those guides with in IMG that aim to guide groups on snow covered glaciers. An example would be tours on Hvannadalshnukur, Iceland’s highest summit.

The three day course is based on indoor lessons and discussions as well as practical outdoor training. The last day includes a rescue training.


This course is suited for Level I and Level II Hard Ice Guides that want to further their skills. The course is also open to experienced mountaineers and climbers that have a background in the rope work needed in crevasse rescue.


The participants are evaluated during the course. The evaluation can lead to one of the 3 following grades:

Green: Strong skill base. The guide is allowed guide alone on Hvannadalshnukur or similar. The guide will also be able to be a lead guide mountain climbing trips.
Yellow:  The guide should not work alone but is able to work on mountain climbs when supervised by a senior guide.
Red: The guide is not qualified to work on any mountain climbing trips.



The qualifications are based on the results of the evolution. See above.



Instructors on the Summit Guide Course are senior IMG Mountain Guides with extensive experience of guiding on Hvannadalshnukur and similar. The course is taught both on the lover glacier, as well as on the snow covered high glacier.

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